Monday, January 6, 2014

Where I have come
Over holiday break I wasn't able to contact my neighbor because she went away for Christmas and New Years and so did I. Hopefully, I will be able to contact her soon and find out when the money will get to the kids. More importantly, over the break I had to answer an important question. Will I continue with this? The answer is both no and yes. While I will not be doing something as large of a scale as my 20 Time Project; I will donate clothes, shoes, and toys when I can. The reason why I won’t continue my “Candles For Kids” (a different name other than 20 Time Project) is because it was very time consuming and stressful. I am not good under stress and unfortunately I was very very stressed during our sales. I was extremely nervous when I had to give a speech three times. Additionally, I was really stressed while we were selling the candles because we only had 3 people helping and there was a long line of people waiting. Sometimes I completely forgot what I was doing and it was extremely embarrassing.  
From the day we were assigned the project, to today, I can say that I have certainly learned a lot from 20 Time. I learned several skills that will definitely be useful to me later on in life such as presenting, communicating effectively, and problem solving. I have learned important lessons such as helping others not for money, the grade, or for your benefit, but helping them because they need it. I never would have imagined myself going up and giving 3 speeches in front of my church but I surprised myself and the end result was incredible. However, none of this would've been possible without my neighbor and families help. The support and hard work my neighbor put forth was very honorable. Overall, I have become a better learner and ultimately a better person.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Progress Of 20 Time Project & How It Can Help Others

Throughout my entire life I have encountered several people who share the same passion as I do. In fact, today in my 21st Literacy class we discussed homeless people and shared our thoughts and stories relating to the topic.
A handful of my classmates shared stories of how they helped homeless people and how they always feel bad for them. When I heard the word help I instantly thought about my 20 Time Project and my passion of putting others before me. All my classmates which said that they felt bad for the homeless and helped them have had to have a similar passion. When they saw the homeless man or woman asking for money or food they immediately felt bad for them and wanted to help. By giving money to a homeless person or buying them a sandwich you our thinking of them before thinking about your self. My teacher said that when she was 8 she gave $20, which she got for easter, to a homeless man. Her grandma told her that she should have used it for a new toy but she told her grandma he needed it more than her. The information that I researched about firefighters can help those who share the same passion as I do. If you ask anyone to give you one word to describe a firefighter I guarantee you they will say helper after they say fire. It is obvious that firefighters help people, they help them with fires, difficult tasks, and anything that isn't able to be done by an average person. My passion is putting others before me and firefighters unquestionably do so by risking their own lives to save someone else and help them in a difficult situation. They are dedicated to putting others before them because their main priority is to make sure the person gets out safe and unharmed. If people really want help others then they should definitely be a firefighter. They will love the job because they will be helping others everyday even if its in a little or big way. So the information I researched will help them because they can find a job that will make them happy.

I am really satisfied with what I have done with my 20 time project so far. The week before Thanksgiving break my neighbor and I went to my church and sold the candles. The entire experience was really fun and stressful also. I had to give a speech in front of my church 3 times! I gave two speeches in English and one in Spanish which I recorded. I memorized the speech and was really nervous but I did well. I was really stressed out because to my surprise we got a lot of customers and it was stressful to find the candle, wrap it up, and give them change and receipt. Some people got tired of waiting and got out of line! Overall, it was really fun because I felt like I was at a busy restaurant. I took tons of pictures and videos throughout the three days. The thing that really made me happy was the amount of money I earned for the kids in Africa. My goal was $100 and I earned over $400!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was really happy to hear the good news and I can’t wait to donate it. For the rest of the semester, I will still have to keep in touch with my neighbor to find out how things go. Also, I still need to become a better presenter and decide whether or not to do something like this again.

Friday, November 15, 2013

How I Can Take My Passion And Choose A Career
My passion is helping others and putting other people before me. Choosing a job is difficult because you have to like what you do and stick with that job your entire life. If you want to have a happy life then you must choose your job carefully based on your passion. Someone who loves math and is incredibly good at it wouldn't go to college to be a English teacher, they would go to be a math teacher. You choose your career and job based off what you like to do, based on your passion. Since I love to help people and putting others before me is my passion than jobs such as firefighters, social workers, male nurses, and teachers are all opportunities I could consider. All those occupations involve helping others in some way or form and therefore I am considering all of them. My passion is helping others and professional opportunities like the ones I just named would all make me happy because I know I’ll be helping someone else.

When I researched opportunities pertaining to my passion, I discovered a handful of occupations. Jobs like teachers, nurses, social workers, psychiatrists, firefighters, and police all came up. The opportunities which really grabbed my attention were firefighters, and social workers. The reason why those two jobs caught my attention was because while I found somethings I didn't like, I found things that I definitely liked. I really like that social workers often work outside because I love nature and the outdoors. However, social workers must have a lot of patience while dealing with their clients and patience is something that I definitely do not have.
I really like the job of a firefighter because I don’t want to be sitting in a office all day but be up and moving ready to attend emergencies. I didn't like however the annual salary of a firefighter which is around 40,000. While it’s good amount I wanted to be payed at least 60,000. Firefighters also save other peoples lives and I don’t think I can carry someones life on my shoulder.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

My Lesson Learned
My 20 Time project has been such a difficult experience considering the problems I had to overcome and the crucial adjustments I've had to make. Despite all the challenges I encountered, my 20 Time project has been a very rewarding experience so far by teaching me several useful skills and the most rewarding part of the project, it still yet to come. Throughout the entire process of my 20 Time project I have learned various valuable lessons which have all taught me something new and important. However, the most valuable lesson which I believe has helped me and will help me the most is problem solving. I have learned that things aren't always perfect, and that things don’t always go the way you planned them too. As a result of learning that things don’t always go the way you want them too, I learned how to problem solve. When I contacted my authority which was the pastor at my church St. Mary’s, Father Jonathan, he rejected my idea so I had to problem solve what to do next.
Learning how to problem solve is the most valuable lesson I've learned because it is so crucial in everyday life. Nothing ever goes the way you want it too and you are always required to problem solve. By hitting a roadblock and working around it I became better at problem solving which is undoubtedly a skill I will need later on in life because I will encounter many problems later on such as real world problems and knowing how to properly deal with them will be very helpful. Learning how to problem solve has not only helped me in my 20 Time project but will unquestionably help me in my other classes, my years in high school and just life in general. It will help me in my classes because everyday I problem solve in class. Whether it is gym, health, math, English, or 21st Literacy I am always problem solving. If I downloaded the wrong format, or have been doing a math concept the wrong way I will have to find a way around it. In the next four years I will be faced with several challenges and knowing how to problem solve will help me to maneuver around them and get the best outcome.
During Pitch Day I presented to my guidance counselor Mrs. Utter. She suggested that I buy a box or bin and create a flyer to go along with it including information about Shalom Christian Missions and send with my mom and dad to their work to collect more money. I will definitely consider the idea but it will still be very difficult to do because my mom doesn't know English and my dad works at a busy factory. I will try really hard however to do it. If it works out I plan to do it the first few weeks of Christmas. Other than that I don’t really plan on changing anything else. In terms of planning, I have a timeline I am going by. First, I will go to my church and let Father Jonathan show me where he is planning on letting us set up the candles. Then, I’m going to meet with my neighbor Carey to discuss what I’m going to say in front of my church when we go to setup the candles. After that, I’m going to meet with Carey and the founder of Shalom Christian Missions before mass and set up candles. Finally, we will sell the candles and hopefully collect 100$.
Throughout my project I have had many questions but some questions have stumped me. I never really figured out how the money I collect will get to the kids over in Kenya. I asked my neighbor Carey how it will reach them and she told me that one of the people in the program are going over to Africa close to January. I am crossing my fingers that the money reaches them safely and that nothing wrong happens along the way. I am  thinking really hard if I will continue on with my 20 Time project. I am thinking that maybe my neighbor and I could sell the candles at various other public locations or churches. I am still contemplating whether or not I’m actually going to keep my 20 Time project going but I am still not sure. I know one thing for sure and that is that I have learned a lot throughout my entire process. I was taught new ways to write for formal audiences, I discovered new things about my neighbors trip to Africa, and new ways to communicate effectively. I have come a long way since Mrs. Anderson announced the 20 Time project and have matured a lot in my mind. That was the lesson I learned.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Pitch Day
On Friday November 1st we had a Pitch Day where all the students pitched their projects that they had been working on for three weeks. Several teachers and parents arrived and walked around viewing everyone's work while the students gave their rehearsed presentation. I presented twice, once to Dr. Czarnecki, and once to Mrs. Utter. I was really nervous to present but not as nervous as I was to present in front of the class. However, in the end I ended up flying through my presentation and in my opinion did very good. When I presented to Dr. Czarnecki I was really nervous because for one he is our principal and two he was very serious and didn't really smile or change emotions. On the other hand, when I presented to Mrs. Utter it was so easy. Mrs. Utter is my counselor and I talked to her twice before so I was comfortable talking with her.

Overall, I really enjoyed Pitch Day because it gave me a chance to present my passion and my project that I put so much effort into. I was a little nervous to start off but after my first presentation I wasn't nervous at all anymore. Dr. Czarnecki asked me a lot of great questions and I think that I did really good at answering them. I really liked the idea of a galleria walk to because it looked very professional and the parents seemed to enjoy the projects. It was somewhat easy but in the end I would totally do something like that again.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Completion only inches away
I am very close to completing my 20 Time Project. So far I have done everything that I planned on doing. I interviewed my neighbor Carey and learned more about the program, the 3 kids she is sponsoring, and what they need the most. With the knowledge I obtained I was able to better execute my project with the fact that I knew background information about the kids I donating supplies/money to. I talked with Father Jonathan, my authority, and explained to him what my project was and how I wanted to take up a offering. He explained to me that he couldn't do it because of certain reasons dealing with bad people who could take advantage of my idea. I didn't know what to do next but when I interviewed my neighbor Carey she proposed a magnificent idea. She offered to come in during mass the next week and set up candles to sell ( she has her own business)
and donate 40% of the money we made to the kids in Africa.
Something that really helped me during my project was the timing. The timing that things fell into place were perfect. If Father Jonathan would have accepted my idea of doing to a collection I would have never sold the candles which was an entirely better idea. However, I won't be able to sell the candles right away because Father Jonathan said that Catholic Churches have to be cautious. He is planning to allow me to sell candles 3 Sundays from today. I was able to talk to Carey throughout her busy schedule ( she has 4 girls) which was also very helpful. So Father Jonathan rejecting my idea of a collection opened a new and better idea of selling candles to better improve my overall project.